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What are hair extensions?

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Hair extensions involve attaching human or synthetic hair to your natural hair for a free-flowing natural look. There are multiple ways to attach the hair and also many different types and qualities of hair for extensions. Hair extensions are great for adding thickness to thin or thinning hair, adding length, highlights or lowlights or provide a temporary solution to a bad hair cut.

Beautiful long hairstyles really do make a good first impression. See style at right. Kim had heads turning at Movieline's Hollywood Life Style Awards with her glamorous hairdo. Her gorgeous length was cut to sit mid back with plenty of layers cut from the mid-lengths down to the ends to give her style plenty of attitude and sex appeal. This style is perfect for any occasion. Kim may or may not be wearing hair extensions. The truth is you will never know!!! That is the beauty of them.

Many celebrities grow their hair long to achieve the glamorous hairstyles, while others opt for hair extensions.

A lot of hair extension companies claim that you can treat your extensions like your own hair. This is absolutely true.

But remember, if you have long hair, you will spend much more time taking care of it than shorter hair. Long hair needs to be conditioned regularly, takes longer to blow dry, longer to style, longer to brush, etc...

Costs: Hair extensions are expensive, but with a little budgeting, they are affordable. If you are going to invest in them, you should go with quality hair and an experienced stylist to apply them. Experienced stylists usually complete hands-on training to perfect their skills. Higher skills translate into higher prices.

Maintenance schedules for extensions range between every 6 weeks to 3 months where the extensions need to be adjusted or replaced. Costs for this can be as expensive as the initial visit, depending on the method used. Some human hair is not re-usable and must be reordered each time you have the extensions removed and re-attached. Additional hair care products may also be required for some extensions.

Effect: What is the current condition of your natural hair?

Is it over-processed and damaged?

Is your scalp healthy...any abrasions, scratches or open sores? Do you have hair thinning or hair loss issues? All of these factors will affect the outcome of your extensions, and also the condition of your natural hair. There are many extension methods that are not done properly to problem hair as mentioned above, you could experience permanent hair loss with hair extensions.

Results: The results can be instant long-flowing beautiful hair which can boost your self esteem and confidence. No more waiting for your hair to grow out!!! Some people have actually seen an improvement in the condition of their natural hair after wearing extensions for several months.

And, hair extensions are not just for length. You can have extensions attached to your hair for added volume and even highlights/lowlights. There are also results that are not so beautiful. Severe matting, tangling and even permanent hair loss are the results of poor extension application, removal and maintenance.

Should you get hair extensions?

There are many factors that can help you decide if hair extensions are for you. We will briefly discuss the major factors of hair extensions--time, cost, affect, results.

Time: There are two time factors for hair extensions. One is the time it takes to put the extensions in and maintain them every month or so, and the other is the amount of time you need to spend daily maintaining a long hair style.

We are all very busy people. There has been research done that indicates most people have less free time today than 20 years ago. With that in mind, be sure you know how long your appointment will be to attach the hair extensions. Some methods require anywhere from 4-8 hours to attach. And you have to consider that it might take that long to remove them and reattach them if you will be wearing them continuously.

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