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Balmain, Cinderella, Extend USA, FL Hair, Garland Drake, Great Lengths, Hair Compounds, Hairdreams, HairXtend, Lord & Cliff, Mega Hair, Monkey Barrz, Racoon, Super Hair Factory, So.Cap., TressAllure Strands, Ultra Strands


ChrissyV, Garland Drake, Jeffrey Paul, Super Hair Factory Micro Links, Clips, Locs, Sleeves, Rings: Bellargo, Eurolocs, Hairlocs, Mark Barrington

Heat Seal:

Dome , Pro Styles

String, Thread, Special Strands, Crochet:

Akinda, Hair Police, Jeffrey Paul, Microchet, Micro Point, Sequencing, NXS Hair


Extend Magic, TressAllure, Ultratress

Man-Made Skin:

Invisible Hair , Sequencing, Clip-Ins Top 5 Clip-Ins

Do It Yourself Methods:

Shrinkies, Protac, Super Hair Factory, Manemaxx/Tembond

How long do the hair extensions last?

Hair extensions are attached close to the root of your hair. You will naturally lose between 100-150 hairs every day. The problem with hair extensions begins here. While your hair extensions are attached, you will still continue to lose your 100-150 hairs per day. Some of the hair that is naturally falling out may be attached in with the extension. As the hair grows out, all of this hair that has fallen out through natural shedding may begin to matte and tangle as your hair grows out.

Also, the natural shedding means that the extension hair is holding on to fewer natural hairs, causing more stress on your roots.

The other thing that is going on is pure physics. The farther away from the root the hair extension is, the more stress there will be on your natural hair. This stress can cause the extension to fall out completely, even pulling your natural hair with it. Not a good scenario!

There may be methods that can stay in your hair for 6 months at a time. Whether you will be able to or not will depend on the condition of your hair before hair extensions, how well you maintain the extensions and how fast your hair grows. In short, the longer you keep your hair extensions in, the greater the chances of damage.

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