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Hair extensions are not a one size fits all.  Some methods work for certain hair types and won't work for others.

Some hair extension methods can run nearly double the cost of others.  What is the difference?

Find out in Hair Extensions Exposed

Feel FREE to leave this site and just go schedule your hair extensions at the first salon you find.  But, maybe you should read what a recent visitor said in an Email to our Editor:

 "I didn't read info on Hair Extensions Exposed , so I didn't have the information to check out the stylist.  I am very sad because now my hair is extremely damaged and I have had to spend over one thousand dollars more going to other stylists to fix the damage from the first stylist--that I did not check out.  It turns out that the first stylist used an inappropriate hair extension method for my hair, and she didn't have experience with my type of hair"

Letter to the Editor Hair Extensions Exposed

Your hair grows about 1/2-inch per month.  At that rate it could take you years to grow your hair out from a short length to a longer length.

Fact: Every method of Hair Extensions can cause permanent damage to your natural hair?

Does this mean you shouldn't get hair extensions?


Absolutely NOT!!  In Hair Extensions Exposed we explain how the natural hair can become damaged and what steps you can take to avoid damage.

Fact:  There is a hair extension method that will work with thin hair, thick hair, curly hair, thinning hair, straight hair, damaged hair and more.  

There is not one BEST hair extension method that will work for everyone.  What will work for your hair, may not work for someone else.  This is why it is very important to schedule several different hair extension consultations with stylists that offer different methods so you can compare and decide which method is best for your hair.  In Hair Extensions Exposed there are details of over 40 different hair extension methods along with an entire chapter on how to prepare for your hair extension consultations.  Do you know the important questions that you need to ask your stylist?

Fact:  Attaching and removing hair extensions requires special training and education.

If you end up going to a hair extension stylist that has no training and is inexperienced with hair extensions, you could end up with permanently damaged hair.  In Hair Extensions Exposed we cover all the steps to check up on your hair extension stylist.  How do you know if they have received proper training?

Fact:  There are no regulations or imposed standards in the human hair industry.  There are many unscrupulous suppliers.

Where does the hair come from for hair extensions?  In Hair Extensions Exposed we cover all the different sources and qualities of human hair that is used for hair extensions.

Fact:  Hair Extensions require extra work on your part to maintain and keep healthy.

Many of the different hair extension companies advertise that you treat hair extensions just like your natural hair, with no extra special maintenance required.  The fact is that long hair requires extra work.  It takes longer to wash, condition, blow dry and style.  If you don't take care of long hair--especially hair extensions--you will quickly have damaged hair.  In Hair Extensions Exposed we cover some of the maintenance requirements that will help keep your extensions in tip top shape.


Fact:  No type of hair extension is completely undetectable.

Most hair extension salons advertise with the words "completely undetectable"  If extension hair is attached to your natural hair, there will be a visible point of attachment.  The skill of the hair extension stylist will eventually determine if the extensions are well disguised with your own hair.  Many hair extension methods require the stylist to attend 1-3 day hands on training classes to learn the skills needed to attach, remove and blend in hair extensions.  How do you know if your stylist has had training?     

Hair extensions have come so far today that they are really undetectable, when attached by an experienced hair extension stylist.  You can get beautiful long hair just like all those celebrities and no one will know you are wearing hair extensions- unless of course you tell them.

But, there is much more involved than simply scheduling an appointment  and getting hair extensions.  If you go with the wrong stylist or pick the wrong method you could end up with damaged hair and spend a lot of money.


But wait...running to the first salon you find to get hair extensions may not be the best idea.  In Hair Extensions Exposed, we will tell you what can go wrong if you pick the wrong hair extensions or worse, the wrong stylist.

You see, getting hair extensions is not like going to get a hair cut or even a perm or color treatment for your hair.  Hair extensions can directly affect the health of your hair follicles, hair and scalp.

But that doesn't mean you can't get hair extensions.  You just need to take a few precautionary steps to make sure the extensions are done right and are suited for your hair type.

Hair Extensions involve attaching tiny strands of human or synthetic hair directly to your natural hair by one of many different methods available today.  If the extensions are not attached and removed properly you could end up with seriously damaged hair, not to mention that you will also be broke since you will still have to pay the hair stylist for the extensions.

By The Way......Most hair stylists that offer hair extensions will make you sign a disclaimer that they are not responsible for any sort of hair damage and that with hair extensions, many things can go wrong.  The hair stylist doesn't know exactly how your hair will respond to hair extensions.  Your hair could be fine, and it could not be fine.   It is probably best to get your hair extensions done with a stylist that has many hair extension clients.

Find out everything about hair extension methods, stylists, costs, problems, type of hair used and more in:


Hair Extensions Exposed,


Detailed information about every aspect of getting Hair Extensions.

Step by step guide takes you from figuring out if you are suitable for getting hair extensions all the way to taking care of the extensions once you get them.


Hair Extension Suitability Test

Do you have what it takes to get hair extensions?  Will your hair hold the extra weight of extensions, will you spend extra time and money to take care of them?  Take the test and find out


Hair Extensions Method Comparison Chart

Do you realize there are so many different ways of attaching hair extensions.  Our easy-to-read comparison chart helps you compare 40 different methods of attachment.   Several Do-it-Yourself methods are also included.  Examples of some popular methods covered include:  Cinderella, Hairdreams, Great Lengths, So.Cap, DreamCatchers, Hairlocs, Dome, ProHair, Hair Police, Mark Barrington--Just to name a few.


Before + After Hair Extension Gallery

See for yourself what hair extensions can do for you.  Many hair extension stylists have submitted before and after photos of their hair extension clients.  There is a variety of hair extension clients displayed in the gallery.  Some clients wanted hair extensions for a special event (weddings, prom, etc.), some just wanted longer hair, some had hair growth problems, some had too short hair cuts and didn't like it and some had hair thinning and hair loss issues. 

Do you ever wonder how celebrities go from a short or  medium length hair style to a long length in what seems like no time at all?

No, they haven't discovered secret hair vitamins, or special hair care products that make their hair grow really fast.

What they have discovered is the premium service of hair extensions.  Hair extensions have been around for many years, but have grown in popularity over the last few years as celebrities everywhere are popping up in the news with these fabulous, long flowing hair styles that look totally awesome.

Hair extensions involve attaching human or synthetic hair to your natural hair by one of many different methods available today.  Hair extensions have the ability to totally TRANSFORM YOUR LOOK from drab and boring to BRILLIANT and GLAMOROUS.  The extensions are practically invisible and the only one who will know you are wearing them is YOU. 


If you don't tell, we won't tell! Your secret of how you got long, gorgeous hair is safe.  Just say you've been taking special hair growth vitamins......


Although hair extensions can be expensive, they have come down in price quite a bit from 5 years ago or so.  Many different methods have been invented and improved over the years.

For example, some hair extension companies have invented a much faster way to attach the extensions.  So, now you can have your long, beautiful hair in much less time.

There are many factors involved in getting hair extensions.


  • How much they cost

  •  Deciding on a method-Easy to read comparison chart

  • Finding a stylist

  • Preparing for the hair extension consultation

  • Taking care of the extensions

  • How long you can wear them

  • Will they damage your hair?

  • How long does it take to get them?

  • Suitability test- See if you are suitable for hair extensions


So, why can't you just call a salon in your area and schedule hair extensions?


The answer to that question is very simple:.  If you don't do your research on hair extensions, know about how the extensions are attached, know that your hair stylist is properly trained and all the other fine details, you could very well BE THROWING YOUR MONEY AWAY and RUINING YOUR HAIR in the process

Hair extensions can cost between several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.  Do you really want to risk that amount of money without doing any research?

Hair Extensions Exposed is NOT a guarantee that you will get good extensions.  In reality it is your best choice to be informed of all the details so that you can make a better decision about methods and stylists and avoid mistakes with research and knowledge

You are welcome to do your own research.  There are many free resources available online.  At Hair Extensions Exposed, we have spent nearly 1 year researching hair extension methods, talking with companies, salons and stylists that offer hair extensions and consumers who want and have gotten hair extensions. 


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