hair extensions exposed


Hair Extensions are not just for the rich and famous anymore?

Costs have come down, quality has gone up making hair extensions the number one choice for everyone.

All hair extension methods have the potential to cause permanent hair loss or damage.  Do you know how to avoid this damage?
How much do hair extensions cost?  Can you afford them and the upkeep associated with them?

Hair Extensions Suitability Test


Hair extensions are not a one size fits all.  There are many factors that you must consider before getting hair extensions.

**What is the best hair extension method for your type of hair?

**What is total cost of attaching hair extensions, including hair and maintenance visits?

**What can cause permanent damage or hair loss?

**What are the stylists' certification and training requirements?

**Where do you find a hair extension stylist?

**What do you ask during a hair extension consultation?

If you are thinking about getting hair extensions, you will want to take the Hair Extensions Suitability Test to find out if your hair and lifestyle are suited for wearing hair extensions.

Hair extensions require time and money and you shouldn't make a hasty decision about getting them unless you are aware of all the facts.

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